Mountain Biking Trails To Try In 2022


Adrenalin-pumping riding, challenging terrain, dramatic landscapes, breath-taking views, and ice-cold streams are just some of the reasons mountain bikers do what they do.

Experience this for yourself when you try some of America’s best mountain biking trails in 2022.

Find out where you should head with your bike, protective gear, and mountain biking helmet for some of the best rides of your life!

Melon Helmet Mountain Biker on Winding Trail

A Few Words Of Advice

Before we delve into 2022’s must-try mountain biking trails, we’d like to share a few friendly words of advice.

Make sure your bike is in good condition before heading out and be sure to wear the correct protective gear. Ensure you have a quality helmet – check out our bicycle helmet options for adults if you don’t have one. If your children are joining you, make sure they have the right helmets for kids.

Carry enough water for your journey, and pack a few healthy, energy-boosting snacks as well as a basic first aid kit. Check the trail condition and the weather forecast before travelling. Got all that? Right, let’s check out the mountain biking trails to try in 2022!

Woman mountain bike helmet on single track mountain biking trail.

Mills Peak, Downieville, California

If you’re an avid mountain biker, you’ve probably heard of, if not biked, the Downieville Classic downhill. It’s a great trail, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t try Mills Peak. The 8.5-mile trail offers seemingly endless flow through pine forest as well as bermed turns that see you drop 3,000 feet. It’s beautiful, it’s breath-taking, and it was made for mountain bikes.

Crozet Tunnel Greenway, Charlottesville, Virginia

You’ll find the new Crozet Tunnel Greenway in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A 30-minute drive from Charlottesville, the trail opened in November 2020.

At 2.25 miles long, the trail is one of the shorter ones on our list. However, it’s also one of the most unique, as it features a former rail tunnel that’s almost a mile long. In addition to the mountain biking helmets and other gear recommended above, we strongly recommend you bring a headlamp, as there are no lights in the tunnel.

Redhead Mountain Bike Park, Chisholm, Minnesota

Grab your bicycle helmet, check your gears, brakes, and tires, and head to Redhead Mountain Bike Park in Chisholm, Minnesota. The Park boasts 25 miles of new trails that take you through abandoned iron-ore mine pits. It’s a fantastic destination for summertime mountain biking. You can also enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding in the water-filled mine pit.

Poison Spider Mesa Trail, Moab, Utah

Bike helmets for men and women are a must on the Poison Spider Mesa Trail west of Moab, Utah. The cracked sandstone trails, slickrock steeps, and deep sand offer a challenging ride. The 13-mile loop sees you climb 1,000 feet onto the mesa before you go on a sharp descent along Portal Trail. The landscape is stunning but harsh, and it’s dry, so make sure you have plenty of drinking water with you.

Finger Lakes Trail, Mt. Morris, New York

An amazing 21.3-mile single track path, Finger Lakes Trail at New York’s Mount Morris is tricky but worth every minute you spend on it. The trail takes you through pine forest, down drops, and across creeks to offer spectacular views of the Genesee River Gorge.

Don’t get too distracted, though. You’ll need to keep your wits about you, your eyes open, and your bike helmet for women or men on your head. If your children are skilled enough to join you, make sure they have good quality helmets kids can use for mountain biking.

Green Chile Flow Trail, Taos, New Mexico

Opened in July 2020, the 3.5-mile Green Chile Flow Trail is the first purpose-built downhill trail in Taos, New Mexico. The trail is suitable for mountain bikers of all levels. You can take the Taos Ski Valley’s Lift 4 to the starting point and enjoy eye-popping views of the Sangre de Cristos on the way down. More trails are under construction in the area, so it’s set to offer even more exciting reasons to don your mountain biking helmet in the near future.

Try these mountain biking trails for incredible rides in 2022. We guarantee that seeing the world from your saddle just got more exciting.