Melon Helmet Urban Active User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of your Melon Helmet

The Melon® Urban Active Helmet represents the highest quality of protection against head impact when riding a bicycle, pedelecs, skates, inline blades or skateboards (EU only).

IMPORTANT! A helmet can only function as designed when it is worn correctly, has been adjusted to fitted the users head, and is carefully fastened. Melon® Urban Active Helmets are tested and certified to surpass the current official safety standards. However, it is not possible to guarantee that a helmet can protect the wearer against all possible impacts.

CAUTION! This helmet should not be used by children while climbing or doing other activities where there is a risk of hanging or strangulation if the child gets trapped whilst wearing the helmet. We encourage you to make certain that your child removes the helmet before playing on or in Playgrounds, or similar areas. Please make sure to read this user manual in its entirety before use.

Techinical Specifications

Item: Melon® Urban Active Helmet

Sizes: XXS-S (46-52cm), M-L (52-58cm), XL-XXL 58-63cm)

Which helmet size is best for me and how do i adjust the helmet?

Your Melon® helmet can only offer its total protective potential when it has been adjusted correctly and fits superbly (Fig. 2). You should test several helmet shell sizes in order to compare fit and comfort, and also measure your head with a tape measure to double-check the size you have against the chart on the side of the packaging. We recommend choosing a helmet shell that fits firmly, but comfortably on the head. The helmet should not move or wiggle when you shake your head. Take the helmet in the chosen size and then turn the adjustment ring in an anti-clockwise direction until it reaches its largest position. Now place the helmet on your head. If the helmet is too loose, first exchange the breathable Coolmax® padding set of the helmet with the next larger size (Fig. 5). Should the helmet still be too loose exchange those against the next larger padding set. The different padding sets can also be combined to create intermediate sizes.

The Spin-Dial size adjuster should only be used to further fine tune the fit (Fig. 3a). To tighten the helmet you turn the dial in a clockwise direction. To loosen, turn the dial in an anti-clockwise direction. Once the right size is found and adjusted correctly, the helmet should sit firmly but comfortably on the head.

Proper helmet usage- not for all sports
Helmet Tech Specs
Helmet Breakdown - fidlock, coolmax, spin-dial Helmet Certifications

When does the helmet fit properly?

The helmet should surround the head easily, and should be worn level. The front helmet edge should sit 2 finger widths above the bridge of the nose (Fig. 2).

It is easy to check if the helmet fits correctly. All you do is leave the chinstrap undone, and shake your head. If the helmet moves tighten the spin dial and / or use thicker padding.

How do I adjust the chinstrap correctly?

Position the Strap Adjuster (Fig. 3b) in such a way that neither junctions nor the straps themselves touch your ears. To adjust the straps correctly it is imperative to make sure both left and right straps are of even length. To do this open the strap lock on each Melon® Strap Adjuster. Please notice that the rear strap should be longer than the front (Fig. 2). Once the right length has been found please close these locks. Additionally the right side chinstrap can be shortened in its entirety, by pulling it further through the Fidlock® magnetic buckle loop (Fig. 3c).

To check for correct fit, place helmet on head and make any adjustments indicated. Securely fasten retention system. Grasp the helmet and try to rotate it to the front and rear. A correctly fitted helmet should be comfortable and should not move forward to obscure vision or rearward to expose the forehead.

How does the Fidlock Magetic Buckle Work?

The Melon® urban active helmets come fitted with Fidlock® magnetic closure systems. These are very simple to use and close by placing both ends on top of each other. To open the closure, simply push the outside part in the direction of the arrow (Fig. 3c). Before setting off, always make sure the chinstrap is closed!

Connector Openings & impact blocker slot

Your Melon® helmet has small bays at the front helmet edge for Melon® accessories such as the Melon® Vista Visor UV400 (Fig.6), which can be purchased as an accessory.

Visibility Also at Night

The Melon® helmet has reflective logos at the front and the back made of high quality 3M reflective material.


  • The Melon® Urban Active Helmets are not designed to be used with petrol powered push bikes/mopeds/scooters or vehicles which are classed as Motor cycles.
  • Before setting off, always make sure the chinstrap is closed.
  • The helmet is not to be painted or have stickers stuck on its surface. This is because the helmet may damaged and rendered ineffective by petroleum products, cleaning agents, paints, adhesives and the like, without the damage being visible to the user.
  • The helmet should be checked in regular intervals for damage. Small indentations and scratches on the surface however should not reduce the overall protective effect, if not effected by severe blow.
  • The helmet is designed to absorb shock by partial destruction of the shell and liner. This damage may not be visible. Therefore, if subjected to a severe blow, the helmet should be destroyed and replaced even if it appears undamaged.
  • When repairing (repairable damage!) any part of the helmet. Use only original parts!
  • The helmet is not to be stored or hung up, hanging from the chinstrap.
  • You should avoid wearing the following under your helmet: headscarves, beanies, long hair in a bun, or similar, as this could lead to subsequent injuries.
  • No attachments should be made to the helmet except those recommended by the helmet manufacturer.
  • CAUTION! This helmet should not be worn during activities where a risk of strangulation is high through capture, such as climbing.

How do I look after my helmet properly?

Clean this helmet only with a mild detergent and warm water or a damp cloth. The Coolmax® pad sets can be machine washed with a gentle detergent at 30˚C. These must be drip dried at room temperature.

How long can I use this helmet safely?

Depending on use, care and maintenance, the time to replace a helmet is difficult to calculate or predict, but we recommend that a replacement helmet should be purchased between 3 and 5 years of use. Should any part of the shell be broken or have sharp indentations, or show obvious signs of wear, then the helmet must be replaced as it is no longer fit for use. When storing this helmet, make sure it is stored safely, so that it can’t be damaged or potentially hurt others through falling or entanglement. When storing, protect from direct sunlight and weather influences. We advise strongly for your own safety to only use original parts.

Disposal Note

Please take your helmet to an appropriate disposal facility at the end of its useful life. The disposal company on site should answer questions you may have about the actual disposal.


In purchasing a Melon® Urban Active Helmet you have purchased a proven high quality product. Should you notice anything that is not up to our high standards, then please return the helmet as soon as possible to your dealer of trust for a refund.